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If you have a property which was built before 2000, it may contain asbestos. So, if you are carrying out home renovations and come across what you think is asbestos, your first instinct may be to get on Google and search “can I remove asbestos myself”. With the cost of asbestos removal increasing and waiting for a professional to book you in, you may wonder if it’s faster and cheaper just to do it yourself.

We look into why we think DIY Asbestos removal is not such a good idea if you have had no formal training…

The Legal Side of DIY Asbestos Removal at Home

As a homeowner, there are no legal restrictions on removing asbestos yourself.  So essentially you can remove asbestos yourself.

Does the cost of doing it yourself outweigh the moral cost of putting people at risk?

Asbestos is most dangerous when it is being removed or if it gets damaged. During removal, the fibres are released into the air, and this is when they can be inhaled into the lungs.

If you do not know what controls to put into place when removing asbestos, then this is when it becomes a high risk for you and your family.

The Health and Safety Executive advise not to remove asbestos yourself if you have not had any training   https://www.hse.gov.uk/asbestos/faq.htm#property-contain-asbestos

Make sure that you understand the asbestos health and safety risks before you decide to take on any project.

The Health Effects of Unsafe Asbestos Removal

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Asbestos is Carcinogenic, therefore there is a risk of developing cancer as well as other non-carcinogenic diseases from asbestos exposure.

What if I still want to remove asbestos myself?

If you choose to remove asbestos yourself (as a homeowner), then we advise reading the HSE Asbestos Guidelines and Factsheets on how to remove asbestos.

You can also contact your Local Council who may be able to give advice on what to do.

Regardless of whether you remove asbestos yourself or not, there is a legal requirement for everyone to ensure the asbestos is disposed of correctly.

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Do you know if the material is asbestos?

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As you carry out renovations on your home, you may come across what you think is asbestos but are not 100% sure.

We would advise you to get an Asbestos Survey to determine if the material actually is asbestos. A survey will determine if there are any other areas within the house that could contain asbestos, therefore you will have a clear idea of how to continue with your renovation.

How to find the correct people to remove Asbestos

Searching on the internet to find Asbestos Removal companies can be daunting. We always advise you to call companies in your immediate local area and explain what your situation is. Make sure you feel comfortable with the company on the phone and ensure you have checked their waste carriers’ licence insurance, training and if they are part of any accredited schemes – any reputable company will supply these on demand. These people are going to be coming to your house to remove asbestos, it is important to feel completely safe!

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