Asbestos Disposal Bag

Get an Asbestos Disposal Bag for £295. Fill your bag at your own pace and we’ll collect and dispose of the Asbestos safely at our licensed site.

Call us on 01623 272 611 to get your Asbestos Disposal Bag.

Bulk Asbestos Disposal Bags — £295

Our Asbestos Disposal Bags hold up to 20 sheets of Asbestos. We deliver, you fill at your own pace and then when you’re ready, we’ll collect and dispose of the Asbestos safely at our licensed Asbestos Disposal Site. You’ll get a certificate once this is complete to prove it’s been disposed of safely.

No need to double wrap the Asbestos, just place it into the bag and we’ll do the rest.

We offer a quick delivery and collection service. Call us on 01623 272 611 to arrange delivery of your Asbestos Disposal Bag.

Why do I need an asbestos bag?

Asbestos can be found in a number of places and materials, from your shed roof, a barn or any number of things. It’s a fibrous material that was wildly used for insulation across the UK in many residential and commercial buildings due to its desirable properties.

Due to the carcinogenic nature of asbestos, the UK legislation requires you to use a special type of bag for removal and transportation.

So, if you’re in need of a removal bag for your asbestos disposal, get in touch on 01623 272 611.


Order your bag online

Fill out the form below and order your bag(s) online, we’ll then drop them off for you on an agreed date once we’ve taken payment of your deposit (£50).


Fill your bag in your own time

Fill your bag(s) in your own time, there’s no time limit so there’s no rush! Our bags fit asbestos sheets as large as 2.5m long x 1.5m wide and can fit up to 20.


We’ll collect

Let us know when you’re ready and our professionals will collect your bag, we’ll take the final payment and send you certification to say your waste has been disposed of safely.

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