Asbestos Testing Service

Across Nottingham, Mansfield, Sheffield & Derby

Unsure about whether a material is Asbestos? Our quick and easy Asbestos testing service will help you find out.

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An Affordable Asbestos Testing Service

If you are unsure whether a material is asbestos or not, our quick and easy asbestos testing service will give you the results. We use an accredited UKAS laboratory for the testing so you have full peace of mind.

If the material is established as asbestos we can offer a free quote to remove or encapsulate the area.

Asbestos Testing Options

Option 1

One of our trained staff will come and take a sample of the suspected area and take this direct to a lab for results.

Option 2

Bring your asbestos sample to our asbestos disposal site in Nottingham for us to get sampled with results back within 1-2 days.

Smart Asbestos work throughout the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire area on a daily basis, therefore we can offer a quick turnaround on asbestos testing.

How we can help

After we’ve confirmed that your sample is asbestos, one of the best options is to remove it. You are free to do so yourself but we urge you to contact us for help instead. The dangers of asbestos mean that you could be putting yourself at risk. Our trained extractors have the right equipment and can remove your asbestos for you quickly.

If you’re adamant that you can do it yourself, we can offer a skip hire service, disposal bags. But please call us on 01623 272 611 for advice.

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    How Our Asbestos Testing Service Works

    Option 1 – Bring your sample to us

    Once you have your sample ready you can give us a call or book online to bring your sample to us.

    We will ensure the sample gets to a UKAS accredited Lab the same day for testing and provide you with the results as soon as we receive them. This normally is within 24 hours but can take up to 2 days.

    If the material is confirmed as asbestos after the test, we can provide a free quotation for the removal or encapsulation of the area.

    Option 2 – We collect the sample

    If you have a material you suspect is asbestos, you can call us or book online for an asbestos sample to be collected for testing and also go through our rigorous asbestos survey.

    One of our trained staff will come to your property, safely take a sample of the suspected material and leave the area safe.

    The sample will be taken directly to a UKAS accredited Lab the same day for testing.

    As soon as we receive the results we will get these to you straight away.

    Express Service

    If you require a quick turnaround on the asbestos testing results, we can get these to you within 24 hours. If we get the sample early enough then in general we can provide the results the same day.

    Where do we collect asbestos samples from?

    Although we can receive asbestos from any area if you choose to bring the asbestos into us, we offer an asbestos sample collection in Nottingham, Sheffield, Mansfield, Derby and Chesterfield to remain within the time limits. If you are outside these areas, we can still carry out testing although this may have a longer lead time.

    Secure & Safe Disposal

    You will receive proof of secure disposal on the same day we collect your asbestos.

    Affordable Prices

    We offer competitive prices on all aspects of asbestos removal.

    Quick Quotations

    The team aim to send a quote to you as soon as possible so we can get on with the job at hand.

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