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Firstly try and contact your local council to see if they will accept the asbestos that you have. If not then do not try and dispose of your asbestos within a waste skip, local tip, wheelie bin or with any trader who is not registered to take your asbestos waste legally. 

When you do find an asbestos contractor who will take your waste ask them for a copy of their waste carriers licence firstly, then ask where the asbestos is being taken to.

Every contractor who deals with asbestos waste should provide you with a copy of the consignment note BEFORE they leave your property and you must sign this to confirm all the details within it are correct. Once the asbestos has left your property it does not end there because you should then receive a second copy of the same consignment note but it will have the bottom part (Part E) completed with the details of the waste transfer station where your asbestos waste was taken to, the date, the time and the vehicle registration which took it.

If you do not receive this information then request it from the asbestos contractor, a professional company will always issue you with this information because it is the law! This same rule applies to anyone removing asbestos from your property such as roofers, fascias & soffits, flooring contractors and guttering replacement companies. If they remove asbestos from your property you are legally entitled to proof of where this has gone to. 

You also have the option, if possible to take the asbestos to an asbestos waste transfer station yourself, here you will receive a consignment note to prove you have taken your waste to an authorised site for secure disposal. 

To check whether these companies are legitimate then search the Environment Agency Public Register and enter the permit and licence numbers, this database should show up the exact same details which are on the consignment note.  If in doubt – call the Environment Agency on 03708 506 506. 

You can always just give us a call directly on 01623 272 611and we’ll help you with your asbestos removal, collection and disposal in any way we can.

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