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Step By Step Plan for homeowners and businesses if you find what you think is asbestos in your property.

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1. Does the material contain asbestos?

The first step is to find out if the material does contain asbestos or not.

Asbestos fibres cannot be seen by the naked eye ; therefore samples need to be taken and analysed by an accredited laboratory. Results can be provided quickly when using an Asbestos Testing Service like ours.

2. Does it have to be removed?

If you now know that the material contains asbestos , then the next question is to decide if it needs to be removed.

If the material , such as a garage , roof , textured coating , pipe or floor tiles are in good condition , unlikely to be disturbed and showing no signs of damage then it does not need to be removed.

However , if there are signs of damage and the asbestos is likely to be disturbed then it should be removed.

3. Who is responsible for the asbestos to be removed?

If you are a homeowner, then you are responsible for it to be removed. In all circumstances you should appoint a Trained Professional to carry the survey and removal out. However , some asbestos can be removed by you – Check with the HSE for more information https://www.hse.gov.uk/asbestos/essentials/index.htm

Being the building owner, you are also responsible for making contractors aware of any asbestos identified within the building. This is to ensure that they do not disturb it during their maintenance works.

If you are not the building owner and you rent the building, then you need to check your lease to see who is responsible for the works.

Sometimes asbestos is present in buildings but presents no health risks. The asbestos should be carefully managed with written records like an asbestos management plan. Any contractors carrying out works on the property should be made aware of where asbestos is within the property.

If you are selling a property, then asbestos should be declared if you are aware of it. It should be agreed before completion who will be responsible for ensuring asbestos is removed.

4. How should the asbestos be removed?

Asbestos fibres can be released when you disturb it. Inhalation of asbestos fibres puts you and anyone in, or close by to the area at risk of serious health issues.

In all circumstances you should appoint a Trained Professional to carry this out. However , some asbestos can be removed by you – Check with the HSE for more information.

By hiring a trained professional, you are ensuring that the asbestos removal has been completed safely.

5. Who is responsible for the cost of asbestos removal

If you are the building owner, then in general you are responsible to cover the costs of the work. This may not apply if you rent out a property and these works are liable to the tenant under the lease agreement.

For domestic homeowners with no communal areas , you are responsible for the cost of asbestos removal.

Money saving tips

– Obtain several quotes from different trained , insured and certified asbestos removal companies.

– Sometimes your asbestos material may be adjoining to a neighbour’s property. For example, garage roofs. It may be cheaper to share the cost with them

– Explore all the options for asbestos removal to find the most cost-effective option. Speak to one of our trained staff who will talk you through different options and the costs involved

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