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Here in the midlands, we have various councils which offer asbestos disposal in which some charge and some do not, depending on what area you live in.
One thing we have found clear is that Local Councils that do accept asbestos have strict controls. We have checked out some Local Council conditions for asbestos disposal and summarised them below.

This information is correct as of March 2022

Asbestos Disposal with Nottinghamshire County Council

Notts County Council Asbestos Disposal Service is chargeable and open to residents only. You can book an appointment and take your asbestos waste to their depot in Nottingham.

To summarise;

  • An £80 fee is chargeable to dispose of asbestos waste
  • You must have dismantled the asbestos yourself and be a Notts County Council resident.
  • This service can only be used once per household
  • No assistance is provided at the disposal site

Asbestos Disposal with Nottingham City Council

Nottingham City Council also provides a service for asbestos disposal in small quantities.

  • Small amounts of double-bagged asbestos can be accepted or disposal
  • You must have removed the asbestos yourself and be a Nottingham City Council Resident
  • A small amount is classed as no more than a car boot load
  • No assistance is provided at the disposal site
  • The service can be used only once

Asbestos Disposal with Derbyshire County Council

Derbyshire County Council offers an asbestos disposal service for very small quantities of asbestos.

To summarise;

  • Asbestos can be taken to a local HWRC site
  • A small quantity is classed as 2 sheets or 2m of pipe
  • You can use this service only once

Asbestos Disposal with Derby City Council

Similar to Derbyshire County Council, Derby City Council offer small quantities of asbestos disposal at some of thier HWRC Sites.

  • 3 sheets of asbestos are accepted
  • This service can only be used once

To view the full criteria and conditions, visit their website here:

Asbestos Disposal with Leicestershire County Council

Leicestershire County Council offers a service for asbestos disposal to local residents.

A summary of their criteria;

  • A charge of £10 per sheet (2.4mx1.2m) / 3m length of guttering / per tub is charged
  • A waste permit is required
  • The asbestos can be disposed of at 3 of their HWRC sites (Coalville, Whetstone and Mountsorrel)

To view the full criteria and conditions, visit their website here:       

Asbestos Disposal with Leicester City Council

Freeman’s Common Recycling Centre in Leicester is a site where asbestos can be disposed of – full terms of this service are detailed on their website here:,Close%20Household%20Waste%20Recycling%20Centre.

To summarise;

  • A maximum of 8 sheets of asbestos per visit are accepted
  • A permit is required for vans, pickups or cars with a trailer over 1.4m

Asbestos disposal with Smart Asbestos Services.

Smart Abestos offer a private asbestos disposal service at very competitive prices.

We have various options for the disposal of your asbestos :

1) Bring your asbestos to our licensed site Prices start from £80

2) We can collect loose asbestos from your property

3) Hire an asbestos removal bag from us

4) Hire an asbestos skip (for large quantities)

If you need your asbestos removal we also carry out complete asbestos removal including ;

  • Garages
  • Roofs
  • Tiles
  • Pipes
  • Artex
  • Outbuildings


Although local councils do accept Asbestos Disposal, there are sometimes limits on the amount/vehicle. These services are great for small quantities of domestic asbestos, however, for larger quantities or commercial asbestos removal, you will need to go private.

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