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Location : Retford , Nottinghamshire

Client : Domestic , Private

Job Summary : Demolition of Asbestos / Brick Derelict Building

Based in the village of South Leverton , North Nottinghamshire , the structure due to be demolished was a derelict brick and asbestos chicken shed. The chicken shed was attracting unwanted attention because of its derelict state , therefore the owner required demolition as soon as possible.

Prior to demolition an ecological survey was carried out by trained professionals , the structure was cleared of habitants and demolition set to be started in November 2021.

A full plan of action was put into place to ensure the safe removal of asbestos was carried out as well as secure demolition and legal waste disposal.


The asbestos building was located up a sidetrack which makes machinery and vehicle access difficult. For such a large demolition project , this kind of equipment was necessary.

Tree cutting of the access lane had to be carried out prior to being organized.

Being a derelict building , the insurance costs for our customer had skyrocketed , which made the demolition all the more important. However , just two weeks into the project the building was set on fire by arsonists. Luckily the asbestos had been removed at this stage and it was mainly burnt wood and scorched brick work left to be disposed of. However , this put the work back and it was finally completed in February 2022.


After the careful asbestos removal and building demolition was completed , the customer was so pleased with the results. All waste from the site was disposed of in accordance with the environmental laws and regulations.

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