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Smart Asbestos covers a wide range of services for asbestos waste. Based in Nottingham, we cover all of the UK including Chesterfield, Derby, Newark, Lincoln and Mansfield.

We don’t have to use third-party disposal sites so our prices are very competitive. 

As well as our own asbestos transfer station we also own our own HGV’s and vans so if you have small or large amounts of asbestos we can cater for all quantities. 

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Asbestos: safely removed, collected and disposed of

Because asbestos dust is now known to be a carcinogenic substance it requires careful containment, removal and disposal. In order to ensure the safety of people who may be exposed to asbestos dust, strict legal requirements are in place to govern the handling and removal of asbestos.

Whilst intact and in situ, asbestos is not necessarily harmful however, the long-term health risks associated with asbestos dust are well known and, in extreme cases, can be potentially life-threatening. Before the dangers of asbestos became apparent, the material was commonly used in many buildings including garden sheds and garages as well as in residential and commercial buildings across the country.

When dealing with asbestos it is essential that you operate in a manner that meets statutory requirements in order to ensure the safety of you and your customers. Whether you are an individual or an organisation, Smart Asbestos Services can help. We are a professional asbestos removal company based in Nottingham, we provide asbestos removal, disposal and collections services Nationwide with our most popular areas being Nottingham, Mansfield, Chesterfield, Derby and Newark.

We even offer DIY asbestos testing kits so that you can test for asbestos yourself. If you think you have asbestos and your tests come back positive, you can even purchase asbestos removal kits which include removal bags, masks and suits.

Licensed removal & disposal services

We offer our asbestos removal and disposal service across the hear of the east midlands which means that we operate in Nottingham, Mansfield, Derby and much more. With our ideally located waste disposal facility we can arrive at your location, test for asbestos and if we need to, removal asbestos form your property no matter the location.

Our local, highly trained team will be sure to conduct an asbestos survey so that we’re able to accurately determine the best way to help you. This means that we can then cater to your needs without missing anything.

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Asbestos fibres once breathed in, will irritate and even scar the inside of your lungs which can be very painful. As a result of this, your lungs can become stiff which makes it hard to breathe for some. Prolonged exposure to asbestos means that these symptoms can become much worse. Once you’ve breathed the fibres in your body isn’t able to break them down which means that they are there. Over time, with increase exposure, these fibres are able to cause inflammation and damage to cells which, in turn, can lead to abnormal cell growth and cancer.

Asbestos can be found in a number of different properties, areas and materials. It used to be a very popular building material which means that you might have it in your home and not know. It can be found in anything from loose-fill insulation, AIB walls, vinyl floor tiles and much more.

We have a resource that takes you through the full list of where asbestos can be found.

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